For many of us, financial freedom feels like an impossible dream. But it is possible.

Here’s how FairVine Super can help.

We think saving should be satisfying.  FairVine’s powerful savings kit is a stepping stone to financial freedom. Simple, effective, and a lot of fun too!

We enjoy a good chat.  The best part of our day is when we can help you to be more successful.

We don’t invest in the nasties.  Like you, we think your money should help create a world in which you’d LIKE to enjoy your retirement.

We don’t charge you an arm and a leg.  And by the way, you know exactly what you’re paying, because we tell you.

We’re more flexible than our yoga instructors.  Well, maybe not, but still … As women we know that life is complicated, so we give you fee rebates^ when you take parental leave; and we help you to split contributions with your partner.

You take control.  With FairVine you have your own online member portal to keep track of your progress. And you can attend our events and educational series.

Hear it from our members

Is FairVine Super regulated?

FairVine Super members are protected by the same strict government regulations that apply to all major super funds.

FairVine Super is part of a Registrable Superannuation Entity and regulated by APRA in accordance with the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act.

In addition, FairVine Super is governed by a Trustee who is responsible for the prudential operation of the fund. As such, your money with FairVine Super has the same protections in place as with any major super fund.

What are our fees?

We think you’ll find our fees are great value — and with FairVine you get a whole lot more. For more detailed information on our fees, please read the AIG available on our Legal page. These fees exclude optional insurance costs.

  • Balanced option

    0.95% of your balance per year + $2 a week

  • Growth option

    0.969% of your balance per year + $2 a week

Say hello to the new financial you.

We believe that, as women, it’s time for us to seize control of our financial futures. To build our own wealth. And to enjoy ourselves while we do it!

Join the FairVine community today, to use our award-winning tools to reach for real financial freedom.