Take charge of your financial future.

The most powerful tool we have is our determination to save. All around the world, women have shown themselves to be the best at saving. What they need are the best savings tools for the job.

FairVine super’s savings kit is all you need, with a range of tools you can choose to make savings painless and effective.

Terms and Conditions

*Our calculations are performed using ASIC's compound interest calculator and are based on an after fee annual growth of CPI + 3% (FairVine’s Growth option projected return), daily after tax concessional contributions of $5 and investment time frame of 37 years (retiring at 67 years old). There is no guarantee that FairVine will achieve the assumed growth rate or that the projected balances will be achieved. The calculations are not intended to be relied upon for making a financial product decisions and we advise you to seek a professional financial advisor to consider if FairVine is appropriate for you. Results are shown in today's dollars without adjusting for inflation.

^This refund excludes optional insurance premiums, insurance administration fees & buy-sell spread fees.