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Here at FairVine Super, we are doing everything we can for our members in these difficult and challenging times.

*Our calculations are performed using ASIC's compound interest calculator and are based on an after fee annual growth of CPI + 3% (FairVine’s Growth option projected return), daily after tax concessional contributions of $5 and investment time frame of 37 years (retiring at 67 years old). There is no guarantee that FairVine will achieve the assumed growth rate or that the projected balances will be achieved. The calculations are not intended to be relied upon for making a financial product decisions and we advise you to seek a professional financial advisor to consider if FairVine is appropriate for you. Results are shown in today's dollars without adjusting for inflation.

FairVine Super.

Designed for women.

"It is so refreshing to find a super company so dedicated to the cause of women - genuinely"
-Annette R
"FairVine has created a very well-thought-out system"
-Lorelie L
"FairVine is the only fund that offers many different ways to make extra contributions in a way that's really easy to understand."
-Pierre H
"I can easily track how my super is going... a great business empowering women to think about their finances!"
-Emma H
-Merridy K
"Excellent customer service which just makes everything so simple and effortless"
-Lucy B

Let's get this sorted.


Earn super when you shop online

FairRewards is a shopping portal that allows you to receive anywhere between 2-15% of your online shop straight back into your super account.



Invest your spare change into your super automatically

FairVine RoundUps is an automated saving tool that rounds up your bank transactions to the nearest dollar, and contributes the difference straight into your super.



One-off or scheduled contributions made easy

Making extra contributions into your super can be difficult. FairVine TopUps allows you to make scheduled contributions or any ad hoc payments with ease.


Baby Bonus

FairVine Super refunds fees while you are on parental leave

When you are on parental leave, it's likely that your super contributions go on pause. At FairVine, we think that your fees should go on pause too. That's why we offer a 100% fee rebate (ex optional insurance costs) for up to 12 months when you go on parental leave.



Split your super with your partner

You shouldn't be penalised for having children and/or making unpaid contributions to your family. At FairVine Super, we help couples share their superannuation when one partner has taken time off work or reduced their hours. Because it's the right thing to do.


Why women and superannuation?

We focus on women because we know their needs aren't being met by the existing superannuation system. Realities like unpaid care, non-linear careers, the gender pay gap and underemployment all count against women and their super, and it’s a blind spot that’s seeing women retire with 42% less super than men*.

FairVine Super was launched to address the shortcomings of the superannuation system. Our mis
sion is to support Australian women throughout every stage of their lives, not just when they're working full-time.

FairVine Super in action

Women in Financial Services Awards:
Innovator of the Year 2019

Pictured: Sangeeta Venkatesan, Chairperson of FairVine

Friends of FairVine Super Lunch

An intimate and inspirational VIP lunch held at Bopp & Tone Sydney.

"Your money AND your life" with Cane Financial, Samantha Lewis & Annette Rose

A night of nibbles and knowledge, with talks by Rachel Hamlen of FairVine Super, Nolan Lawyers' family law specialist Samantha Lewis, and Executive Manager, Strategy at NBN Co and Owner of Rose Beauty Money Coaching Annette Rose.

"Gracious resilience in life, work & play" with Georgie Dent

A gorgeous breakfast event with journalist and author Georgina Dent, held on R U OK Day 2019 at The Butler, Potts Point. Check out the highlights video here!

How is FairVine Super fairer?

The world has changed dramatically since the superannuation guarantee was introduced nearly 30 years ago, but the super industry has barely moved.**

FairVine Super is leading by example with a range of innovative tools and a community of members who are keen to share experiences and build financial independence.

FairVine Super’s tools such as FairRewards and RoundUps are innovations that help to make it easy to contribute to super, so that members can take advantage of compounding returns over time.

Along with these smart tools we have developed a range of fair policies for our members, such as our innovative FairShare feature and supporting members through life stages such as our Baby Bonus.

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*Collet, Sydney Morning Herald (June 2019)