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Superannuation. Designed for Australian women.

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Australian women retire with about half the savings of men.

Australian women retire with about half the savings of men.

It’s not a gender issue. It’s an Australian issue.

Let’s level the playing field.

Secure your financial future in the time it takes to make a cuppa.

Step 1.
Tell us who you are.
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Find your super.
Step 3.
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Select insurance.

See? Simple.

We wanted to know what Australian women needed from a super fund.

So we asked.

Other investment funds spend their time talking about what they invest in, or who sits on their board of directors. We spend our time asking women what they need out of a superannuation partner. We’re constantly developing rewards and resources to help Australian women save. Like waiving fees for parental leave. Or helping you increase your savings on a daily basis. Want to join the conversation, and let us know what we’re missing?

“At FairVine, we focus on creating real-life solutions so you can own your financial future”

Sangeeta Venkatesan
Executive Chair, FairVine
Board member, Women in Banking and Finance
Former CEO, APP Securities (first female CEO of an Australian Stock Broking company)
Former Global COO, Foreign Exchange Division, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Are you on track for a comfortable retirement? Let’s start with where you are right now.

Hi, my name is. I amyears old and I want to retire when I am.

I earnper year and I havein my super.

I think I'm able to saveextra per week to have a comfortable retirement.
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*Retirement target recommended by ASIC
*Retirement target recommended by ASIC

We redesigned superannuation with you in mind. Smarter, fairer, simpler.